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1、The weak link in the grid management is the low voltage; 2、The major problem in the low-voltage grid is earthing; 3、Manual earthing (mainly at the neutral point) is to attain the intentions; 4、Hiding earthing faults and accumulating them; 5、Introducing the lightning in the grid and thus causing lightning disaster 6、Increase the difficulty in grid management due to the unsteady power supply. 7、Monitor technology guarantee the grid-earth insulation; 8、Causing waste in power energy; 9、Leading to safety problem; 10、Speeding up deterioration of the grid; 11、Increase the supply of pollution 12、Decreasing the quality of the power energy. 13、Facilitate monitoring over the earthing fault so that the grid becomes easy in management; 14、Grid-earth insulation guarantees the safe use of power. 15、The grid can be operated safely, steadily, cleanly and economically 16Remove the manual earthing Eliminate the earthing fault.Monitor the fault earthing; [color]


  It is common knowledge that long-running power grid is bound to earth fault occurs, leading to a waste of energy, touch leakage accidents, pollution, power grids, and even attract Leizai. Reduce or avoid such a situation the only way is to implement network monitoring and insulation to ground fault ruled out in a timely manner, the network monitoring and insulation technology and its products - DJK family network to monitor the insulation came into being.

DJK family network to monitor insulation
The scope of application
Applicable to the neutral ground for all, power systems, customer and equipment
National standards and regulations approved
  The national standard GB13955 the appendix, 1978 issued by the Ministry of Electric Power "low-voltage electricity in rural areas of technical point of order"; No. 124, issued by the Ministry of Electric Power in 1980, "the power of industrial technology management laws and regulations" set forth in Article 496: The low-side power distribution transformers in And can be directly grounded or not.
  Net-related technologies to monitor the insulation paper, a number of newspapers published several times in a speech at a national conference, the three countries to obtain patents, through the identification of the types of tests and has been a long time trial, has been widely recognized and certainly a high degree of .
  Power isolated neutral manner, in the mine, ships, hospitals and some of the common urban and rural users for many years and have not found impede the normal operation of power grids, with the neutral grounding system, its advantages are obvious:
A. facilitate the monitoring earth fault
B. can be run in the judge's power grid, the fault location of the search.
C. substantially reduce the leakage of electric shock and fire casualties.
D. energy-saving environmental protection, and significantly reduced wear and tear.
E. left to run, the stability of power grids, to avoid lightning.
F. independent self-cleaning, purifying power grid.
Energy saving benefits the country

DJK family network to monitor insulation

The main features of
1. No monitoring dead
  From the low-voltage distribution transformer coil and low-voltage power grid following N, A, B, C routes to any part of earth fault occurred, the monitor can play a role, no less than control, the effect of bad dead.
2. There is no question of malfunction
  As long as no grounding grid failure, monitors the work there will be no power supply, monitor hours of testing transformer will be no control signal, the monitor will be just in a dormant state, will not move, so the problem does not exist malfunction.
3. Effective action to avoid frequent
  Mal-operation to solve the problem, reducing the frequency of action. Can also be used to "police" to monitor allows random power grid to reduce the risk of。
4. Saving more safer
  Insulation network to monitor the return of the control circuit to detect movements in the current control very small (2-20MA) range, will not pose a threat to the personal, small leakage loss.

DJk family network to monitor insulation
The main function
1. Detection protection
  In the first instance, detection, or get rid of the first ground fault, so that the earth fault Xian Xinghua, in a timely manner easier to exclude, at the same time play a role in the protection of leakage.
2. Zoning classification monitoring
  By the director and controller at a variety of monitors line to form the region, grading system to monitor and ensure orderly and monitor the sub-division of local self-solve the problem does not affect the majority of electricity.
3. Resumption of automatic transmission features
   Ground fault after the disappearance of automatic-type insulation to monitor network automatically to restore power.
4. Diversified products
  Power can be ground fault detection alarm, and electrical switches can be set to occur in the power grids failures with the main power grid separated from the power grid will also be information and Far EasTone.
5.Power to upgrade the level of management
  Network to monitor the use of insulation technology, can be turned on the low-voltage power network fault management for the prevention, so as to reduce the large number of power failures, a significant reduction in the power network management and more difficult to upgrade power grid management.

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