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DJKZC 漏电传感器(Leak

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1、The weak link in the grid management is the low voltage; 2、The major problem in the low-voltage grid is earthing; 3、Manual earthing (mainly at the neutral point) is to attain the intentions; 4、Hiding earthing faults and accumulating them; 5、Introducing the lightning in the grid and thus causing lightning disaster 6、Increase the difficulty in grid management due to the unsteady power supply. 7、Monitor technology guarantee the grid-earth insulation; 8、Causing waste in power energy; 9、Leading to safety problem; 10、Speeding up deterioration of the grid; 11、Increase the supply of pollution 12、Decreasing the quality of the power energy. 13、Facilitate monitoring over the earthing fault so that the grid becomes easy in management; 14、Grid-earth insulation guarantees the safe use of power. 15、The grid can be operated safely, steadily, cleanly and economically 16Remove the manual earthing Eliminate the earthing fault.Monitor the fault earthing; [color]

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 The main point of view  1467  2008-11-17 
 The earthing problems analyze  1437  2009-9-16 
 Application principle  1437  2009-9-16 
 Performance Comparison  1370  2009-8-18 
 THE comparison  1481  2009-8-18 
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 With regard of the earth and earthing  1377  2008-11-17 
 low-voltage power grid on the earthing  1584  2008-11-17 
 On the three-phase voltage connection modes  3973  2008-11-17 
 Lightning on the power grid caused by the impact o  1475  2008-11-13 
 Power earthing monitoring of new technologies  2529  2008-11-13 
 Summary  1432  2008-11-13 
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